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Ojai Group Inc.

Commodity Consulting


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8 24 17 French wheat crop is apparently finding very high protein levels this year 96% higher than 11.5% protein level

10+% of the crop higher than 13% protein level


8 24 17. More crop tour reports due today. some thoughts of some areas with reduced yields.

Also lots of focus on Russia wheat crop size

8 23 17. Corn breaks below support level at Dec $3.60 / bu. today

8 22 17 Crop conditions update

Hard wheat +1% to 34% Good / Exc. 66% last year

Corn unchanged at 63% Good/ Exc. 75% last year

Soybean unchanged at 60% Good / Exc. 72% last year

8 21 17

Corn is attempting to break through the support at $3.50 level for last September on crop tour reports of 170 yields vs 140 last year same areas.

Crude oil off $1.20 / barrel

Soft wheat down , approaching good values

Hard wheat down, fighting with the $6.50 support level

8 21 17 open still a weather market, some rains forecasted for this week for the drought areas in northern plains, still dry for Canadian prairies.